The Value Of Community Banking

At Fremont Bank, your dollars become loans for the homeowners and business owners in your neighborhood. Make a direct impact in your community by choosing a community bank.

Banking with Fremont Bank Improves Your Community

Bank Locally

You Bank Locally with Fremont Bank

Money in Bay Area

We Keep Your Money in the Bay Area

  • Providing loans to businesses and homeowners
  • Designating 5% of earnings for charitable purposes
  • Hiring local residents and vendors
Clients Money

Our Clients Also Keep Money in the Bay Area

  • Maintaining business operations
  • Creating jobs
  • Buying local real estate

You Make the Community More Vibrant

  • Local businesses are stronger
  • More local jobs are created
  • Property values, schools, etc. are improved

Dollars Stay Local

Your deposit dollars are the same dollars that create loans for local business owners and homeowners, expand local services, and ultimately create more jobs in your community.

Local Philanthropy

Most banks are happy to donate 1% of their pre-tax income. Fremont Bank contributes 5% of its pre-tax earnings for charitable purposes that advance communities here in the Bay Area.