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Fly Me to the Moon!

Youth and adults alike will have a chance to blow off some STEAM at Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland this fall. Fremont Bank Foundation recently sponsored $500,000 for a redeveloped 3,600-square-foot gallery at Chabot, which will be named Fremont Bank Studio 1.

The sponsorship helps drive Chabot’s transformational renovations and supports its accessible STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) programming at the Center and throughout the community. This is all part of a galactic transformation at Chabot called The NASA Experience.

“Fremont Bank Foundation is a true advocate for students’ education, particularly around science, technology, engineering, the arts, and math,” said Brian Hughes, Fremont Bank executive vice president and Fremont Bank Foundation president and executive director. “Naming Studio 1 after Fremont Bank is a fitting tribute to the kid in all of us while we also celebrate Chabot’s Bay Area legacy and its exciting new visitor center — The NASA Experience.”

Visitors to Fremont Bank Studio 1 will have an opportunity to explore hands-on NASA experiences throughout its exhibit area. Watch the incredible Fremont Bank Studio 1 time-lapse conversion.

Also, Fremont Bank’s Vivian Yeung, executive vice president, chief digital & technology officer, had an opportunity to speak with the media about the bank’s role at Chabot.

Listen to her KCBS interview here.

Watch her NTD News interview here.

“Space travel is a big dream of so many youth. Even big kids, like us adults, continue to be fascinated by it. Visitors to Studio 1 will, hopefully, carry that excitement with them into the future,” Hughes said.