Empowering our communities

Fremont Bank was founded with the belief that a bank can be a driver of long-term service and prosperity for our community, where we all benefit.

Impact banking

By choosing Fremont Bank, you are making a difference in your community.

You bank locally with Fremont Bank

We keep your money in the Bay Area

  • Providing loans to businesses and homeowners
  • Designating 5% of earnings for charitable purposes

Our clients also keep money in the Bay Area

  • Creating jobs
  • Buying real estate

You make your community more vibrant

  • More local jobs are created
  • Property values, schools, etc. are improved
Dollars Stay Local

Your deposit dollars are the same dollars that create loans for local business owners and homeowners, expand local services, and ultimately create more opportunity in your community.

Philanthropy map

Fremont Bank and Fremont Bank Foundation proudly support organizations in the communities we serve across the San Francisco Bay Area. Learn about some of the organizations and projects we have contributed to below.

Associate involvement

At Fremont Bank, we are committed to improving the quality of life in the communities we serve, and this extends well beyond providing banking services.

Walking to End Alzheimer’s Disease

On June 24, Fremont Bank Associates and family participated in our fourth annual The Longest Day Walk for the Alzheimer’s Association. With over 80 participants across our Hayward and Livermore locations, we walked a combined 160 miles and raised over $37,000! While the fight against Alzheimer’s is far from over, we’re excited to contribute to this important cause.

What a ride: Tour De Cure recap

Our wheels went round and round through Livermore this year to raise over $34,000 to support the American Diabetes Association.

My ambitions as a rider

We’re making a difference for those affected by ALS. To date we have raised over $100,000 to support this cause.