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Mobile Apps vs. Websites: Which is more secure for banking on the go?

When it comes to online banking, security of your hard earned money is of the utmost importance to us. Many customers ask Fremont Bank associates if it is safer to do their online banking via a mobile app or the bank’s website. Through in-depth analysis of both platforms, we advise that banking via the mobile app is inherently safer than on a website for several reasons:


Most mobile devices have biometric authentication like a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. These technologies are highly effective in ensuring no one unauthorized can access your account. By comparison, many websites use only a password to enable access to their accounts. While passwords can be secure, many people choose to use the same password on many websites, making those accounts vulnerable to takeover by hackers who have access to those passwords. A breach on another website can put your online banking password into the wrong hands, a scenario which cannot happen when authenticating your account through a fingerprint reader or facial recognition. 

Monitoring Software

More so than mobile phones, computers are vulnerable to viruses that contain monitoring software that can capture and record login credentials and other sensitive information. These viruses can go undetected on many PCs, even with anti-virus software present. And with computers often being shared among family members, others may inadvertently download viruses without anyone knowing. These viruses are much less likely to affect mobile phones. With each person typically being in constant possession of their own phone and the only user, mobile phones are less likely to contain any password monitoring software.

App Store Security

Official mobile app stores like Apple® and Google rigorously check the security and validity of the apps available on their platforms. Apps that are found to be fraudulent or unsafe are removed. This ensures the apps are safe and reliable, as long as they are downloaded from your operating system’s official app store. With a website, this added layer of security doesn’t exist.

Your account’s safety and security are our top priority. Learn more about our mobile app and how to easily and securely manage your finances 24/7.

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