Fixed Rate Loans

This home loan’s rate never changes, so you can budget wisely.

Adjustable Rate Loans

Get a loan with a low rate for an initial period.

Jumbo Loans

Borrow as much as $2.5 million.



Fixed Rate Refinance

Secure a lower rate for the life of your loan.

Adjustable Rate Refinance

Get a low rate that adjusts after the initial period.

Smart Rate Refinance

Refinance with one of the lowest rates at Fremont Bank. 

Home Equity

Home Equity

Home Equity Loans

Cash in on the value in your home to pay for life’s bigger expenses.

Other Loan Programs

Other Loan Programs

Community Lending

We focus on lending to homeowners in our local communities.

FHA Loans

Flexible qualification guidelines, including lower down payment requirements. 


Find out if you're eligible for the HomeReady program.

Loan Resources

If you applied online, check the status of your application.



Wholesale Lending

We build partnerships within the mortgage wholesale community.