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Lockbox Services

Improve your efficiencies and receive payments faster with our Lockbox Services. With this service, your receivables are sent directly to Fremont Bank where we handle the processing of payments for you and then deposit the funds directly into your account - accelerating your receipt of funds.

  • Save time and effort as we manage your receivables process for you.
  • Eliminate mis-routed payments with our centralized, local processing center.
  • Easily view transactions through electronic reports. You can even upload data to your accounting software.
  • Reduce processing time through centralized endorsement, deposit and bank collection of funds.
  • Improve cash flow and maximize interest earnings.
  • Reduce cash balances now required to cover delayed payments.
  • Lower time-intensive handling costs.
Homeowners Association Lockbox Services

For HOAs and Property Managers, simplify and reduce the time it takes to process your association assessments with a Retail Lockbox for scan-able paper coupons or with a Web Lockbox for online payment capability.  Fremont Bank offers both types of services in addition to detailed information reporting to help you manage your business.

Which Lockbox Solution is right for you?
  Web Lockbox Retail Lockbox
Customer Payment Options

Online with a Credit Card or debit from their checking account

Mail in a check with a scan-able paper coupon

Processing Time

Payments initiated and approved by the cut-off time will be processed the same business day

Payments are picked up  throughout the business day for same day processing

Account Crediting Time

Immediately after same business day processing

Immediately after same business day processing


Upload electronic reports directly to your accounting systems

Receive detailed reports and upload electronic reports directly to your accounting systems

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