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Associate Spotlight: Emily Guilles

We are halfway through our 60th year, and we owe our progress to our incredible team of associates. This next associate in the spotlight has worked closely with many of our departments, playing a crucial role in their day-to-day operations. Join us as we get to know Lead Compliance Analyst Emily Guilles!

How long have you worked at Fremont Bank and what do you do here?

I am about to hit my 12th year here! I started off in the Quality Control Department in October 2012, and today I am in Legal Compliance as a lead for our HMDA (Home Mortgage Disclosure Act) team. My typical day revolves around working with Mortgage, Commercial, and IT departments with a lot of follow-ups and validations of data fields within our loan origination system (LOS) and projects.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of getting it right. There are dozens of key data fields in HMDA that need validations, with very little wiggle room for errors. I’m a member of our employee resource group AAPIA (Asian American Pacific Islander Alliance) and LCC (Livermore Celebrations Committee). I love working side by side and interacting with associates during our events. 

What’s your greatest strength as a business professional?

I do my best to keep a level head and maintain harmony. With the rapid changes in the financial industry, staying calm is important. I’ve learned how to be more grounded to keep up with the changes and not lose focus.

What's your favorite movie genre?

I really like watching any military, western, and horror movies. I like keeping myself on my toes.

What are your top three favorite ’90s hip hop artists or groups?

I love listening to Missy Elliott, TLC and De La Soul! The music energizes me and makes me happy. I just want to dance.