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Enhancing security at CommonPoint Nonprofit Center turns into a group effort

The Tri-Valley NonProfit Alliance (TVNPA) is committed to its mission of serving nonprofit organizations and their clients throughout the Bay Area. As they expanded, the TVNPA was in dire need of enhanced security measures and turned to us for help. Without hesitation, we stepped in.

Fremont Bank Foundation is known for funding a wide range of initiatives that better the lives of everyone in our communities. While money drives the completion of many things, true community involvement is the presence and action of one another. At Fremont Bank, our commitment goes beyond financial support.

Being able to provide the necessary resources to transform TVNPA from a state of vulnerability to one of safety and security is why we do what we do — to make a real difference in the lives of others.

Creating a Co-Working Space to Serve Nonprofits

Accessing a workspace that is both cost-effective and collaborative can significantly influence the standard of work that nonprofit organizations provide. In March 2022, TVNPA launched the CommonPoint Nonprofit Center as a direct response to this need, supporting Tri-Valley nonprofits of all sizes. Many of these organizations now have established satellite offices or physical locations within this one-of-a-kind center located at 164 North L Street.

Keeping Equipment and Information Safe

At CommonPoint Nonprofit Center, organizations can access needed amenities such as conference rooms, cubicle areas, a fully equipped kitchen, and many others. Considering that the site also houses the organizations' valuable assets, expensive equipment, and sensitive information, ensuring enhanced security is a paramount concern.

“As our CommonPoint Nonprofit Center has grown, so has our requirement for enhanced security measures to protect equipment and information for the nonprofit members,” said Kathy Young, TVNPA CEO and president.

Young shared, “This funding from Fremont Bank allowed us to purchase a comprehensive security system that has greatly improved the working environment here, and it will help attract new member organizations so they feel more secure in the space.”

Fremont Bank Foundation fulfilled their grant request for $21,000. But we didn’t stop there.

From Funding to Team Effort

As a financial institution, we understand that security is a necessary and crucial step to day-to-day operations. We also know a more holistic security program could help TVNPA serve the nonprofits utilizing the space even better.

Enter John Gilmore, senior director of security at Fremont Bank. John met with TVNPA and offered his experienced perspective and ideas as to what was needed for the most robust security program possible. The plan was soon in motion. Beyond big ideas, Fremont Bank donated security cameras and connected TVNPA with Parker Security and Locksmith Service to further execute the plan and do the installation.

“Helping our neighbor better secure its location is in line with Fremont Bank’s mission to give back to our communities,” Gilmore said. “Now, CommonPoint Nonprofit Center can easily manage clients’ building access and maintain security while protecting supplies, equipment, and sensitive information.”

By offering our time, expertise, equipment, and financial assistance, their security infrastructure is now fortified — allowing a total of 14 local organizations to focus their efforts on aiding the homeless, providing cancer care, addressing mental health challenges, and offering support to low-income families.

In acknowledgment of the gift and the collaborative partnership, the TVNPA board authorized naming CommonPoint Nonprofit Center’s co-working space for Fremont Bank. We are thankful for the opportunity to partner with TVNPA, and can’t wait to see the newly secured space flourish and bring a sense of comfort and ease to all the working organizations.

We value what matters to you, and we’re committed to helping protect the people and organizations that make up our community — that’s the Fremont Bank way.