Financial Tips

The benefits of banking with an independent bank

You’ve heard about the importance of supporting your local, independently owned businesses, but have you ever wondered about the benefits of banking with a local, independent bank? As more and more banks are merging or getting acquired, it’s a great time to consider the many benefits of taking a community approach to your finances as well.

We’re our own boss

Independent ownership means we aren’t beholden to anyone. We are free to design a long-term strategy that will serve our clients, our community, and ourselves without having to impress anonymous shareholders or noodle around on quarterly earnings reports.

Every client chose us

Fremont Bank grew the old-fashioned way: by building relationships and welcoming clients one by one. We’ve never “bought” clients by merging or acquiring another bank.

Continuity of service

Since we have always been, and will always be, independent, you don’t need to worry about your banker suddenly disappearing because two departments are being merged into one.

Our entire management team is local

Our employees and decision-makers are your neighbors. We work right here alongside our clients, not in a skyscraper on the East Coast.

We understand the local economy and markets

We make a point of staying ahead of what’s happening in our area. This includes knowing the local market, regulations and more. These local insights can help you as a client tremendously when it comes to making financial decisions regarding your local business or home.

A focus on the community

Being of service to our community is part of Fremont Bank’s mission. Our values align with yours; we care about prosperity in our community just as much as you do.

Employee retention = more client satisfaction

When employees enjoy their jobs they provide better service. As a company named to the Bay Area Top Workplaces 2021 list for the 11th consecutive year, we know our employees are happy; in fact, our core team has been in place for decades!

We’re proud to say that our independent-ownership status is just one of the many reasons why each of our clients choose to work with us. Let’s be friends! Sign up for our newsletter using the form at the bottom of this page. We’d love to stay in touch.