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A Star Startup is Born

Community banks, like Fremont Bank, are in a unique position to serve the needs of small business clients because we take the time to understand the business and landscape of opportunities. This gives the client a competitive advantage. For Tanoshi, this unique advantage was a key differentiator that contributed to their success.

When Tanoshi launched, the team was fortunate to face a dream scenario: their product was in high demand from the beginning. But that dream quickly became a nightmare when the demand started to rapidly outpace supply, and Tanoshi didn’t have the capital to boost production. They looked to funders, angel investors, and bank after bank for a solution, but kept hearing “no.”

Then Tanoshi found Fremont Bank. We were able to help them secure an SBA loan which gave them the funds they desperately needed. The loan set them on a path of consistency and continued success, which they have maintained ever since.

Founded in 2016, Tanoshi manufactures affordable personal computers for all, including low income families and school districts. With all of the ways our world has changed in 2020, distance learning and access to technology has never been more important. Their mission strongly resonated with our own goal of supporting and elevating local communities.

No matter your business’s annual revenue or number of employees, every business can benefit from a personal relationship with their bank. Being a community bank, Fremont Bank is focused on finding the best solutions for our customers and benefitting our community. When one of us wins, we all win together. Learn more about small business loans with Fremont Bank.