Support Your Community

Keeping the Community Thriving with a Hometown Approach

Consistency is key for most things in life, including financial wellness. Our clients are seeking a reliable hometown approach, and they know that’s what they are getting by banking with a community bank. Across the nation, community banks play an important role with the economy, consumers, and communities.

“Fremont Bank is nearly 60 years old, and we continue to be an independent, family-owned business with 21 Bay Area branches,” said Brian Hughes, Fremont Bank vice president and Fremont Bank Foundation president and executive director. “We’re still a small, local business, and we are invested in building a legacy of prosperity for our clients’ personal and business goals, while enhancing the neighborhoods we all call home.”

One of the many advantages to banking with Fremont Bank is your funds stay right here in the Bay Area. The Independent Community Bankers of America explained that community banks take in local deposits and redistribute them back into the area—making more than 60 percent of small-business loans and more than 80 percent of agriculture loans. Community banks also contribute tax dollars that help maintain municipalities and keep regions flourishing.

Fremont Bank takes our giving to the next level by ensuring the majority of our yearly charitable giving is made through our Foundation—all the while keeping those donations local.

“Our Foundation has helped area schools, nonprofit organizations, fire departments, regional parks, churches, and so much more,” Brian said. “The Foundation’s charitable community outreach grew to $2.7 million in 2020, and since 1995, the Foundation has donated over $25 million to area nonprofits. This is all made possible because we are a community bank, at our core.”

The Fremont Bank way also includes giving clients access to our decision-makers, regardless of their account size. In doing so, we build solid relationships that can turn into friendships.

Additionally, now, more than ever, the Covid-19 crisis has made digital banking a necessity for people in our societies. Clients can easily view and pay loans, utilize financial tools, deposit checks, transfer funds, set up appointments, and more.

“Clients refer to us as ‘the Fremont Bank family’. This isn’t a tagline for us, it’s our actual methodology, and it’s worked since 1964,” Brian said. “Community banks are here to stay and are a vital part of our society.”