Build Your Business

A bank can help you capture business opportunities??

As an entrepreneur, you’re always on the lookout for opportunities to grow your business and must capitalize on those ideas quickly. Big banks rarely understand the complexity of operating your business and often move too slowly to make timely financing decisions.

With a local bank like Fremont Bank, you’re working with a neighbor who truly understands you and the community you do business in. Your relationship manager knows how to collaborate with you to seize the day by quickly solving your financing problems, from the simplest to the most complex.

See how Commercial Relationship Manager Alexis Kleinhans has worked with one of her favorite Bay Area clients, Red & White Fleet, for the past 20 years, helping the business to flourish. From debt refinancing to asset acquisition and creation, no challenge has been too difficult for Alexis and her client to tackle together.

You can expect a few specific things that are different when you collaborate with a relationship manager at a community bank like Fremont Bank:

  • The bank prospers when you prosper, so we are fully invested in — and committed to — your continued success.
  • You will have a personal relationship with your banker who follows your business closely and becomes a trusted advisor and a friend.
  • Your banking experience will be different. When you visit a Fremont Bank branch or office, people will recognize and greet you and be genuinely pleased to see you.
  • Because we deeply understand your business and its context, we are often willing to take risks to help you achieve your goals that bigger banks will not take.
  • There will be a tangible family feeling as you become part of the Fremont Bank family.

From everyday financial needs to those that are unique and complex, Fremont Bank will work tirelessly to get the financing that is best for you. Get to know us!