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Debit Card Travel Tips

No matter the reason or timing of your trip, take time before you leave to avoid debit card disruptions and help ensure you have a wonderful vacation. Here are a few things to do before your next adventure.

1. Let Your Bank Know When and Where You’re Traveling

Most banks monitor for fraud and using your card in a new place or a place you don’t travel to often, could cause a red flag or for your card not to work.

To help ensure this doesn’t happen to you, let us know where and when you’re going so we can put a travel advisory on your account. You can stop by your local branch or call us at (800) 359-2265. You might also want to check your daily ATM cash withdrawal and purchasing limits.

2. Download the CardValet®Mobile App

CardValet® lets you control your debit card usage and spending on the go, right from your smartphone. If you misplace your card, you can turn it off within the app. When you find it, you can turn it back on. The flexible app let you set spending limits for general use or specify thresholds by merchant types. You can also receive alerts when your debit card is used to stay informed of potential fraud.

3. Take Precautions When Leaving the Country

If you’re traveling outside of the United States, make sure your PIN is ready for international ATMs. Usually international ATMs only support four digit PINs that don’t start with a zero. Some ATMs don’t have letters on the keypads, so you’ll need to make sure you know the numbers. To change your PIN prior to traveling, visit any Fremont Bank ATM or call (800) 992-3808.

4. Take Advantage of MasterCard® Global Service™

All Fremont Bank Debit MasterCards come equipped with MasterCard Global Service™. Wherever you travel worldwide, you can always count on it for any card-related needs. Call them 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and they’ll connect you with someone who speaks your language who can help with various things like lost or stolen cards, emergency replacement cards and cash advances. For more information about the MasterCard benefits on your debit card, visit our debit card page.

5. Check Ahead for Nearby ATMs

Fremont Bank is a member of the Allpoint ATM network with over 55,000 locations throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom and Australia. To locate an Allpoint ATM visit:

Fremont Bank Debit MasterCard holders also have access to over a million ATMs in over 210 countries with MasterCard ATMs. To locate a MasterCard ATM near you, use MasterCard's ATM locator.