Support Your Community

All In The Family

“Family” is a powerful word, one that brings to mind warm feelings regardless of your culture or country of origin. Even if your personal family experience has been less optimal, you can picture the ideal: A place where people support and trust one another, where everyone has each other’s backs. 

At Fremont Bank we often talk about the “Fremont Bank Family.” We’re referring to our team of associates as well as our clients, with whom we form close relationships that become friendships over time. This video explains what we mean:


Fremont Bank has been unique since its beginning as founder Morris Hyman and his three children built flourishing relationships with their neighbors one person at a time. Caring for the community has been the watchword for Fremont Bank since day one and remains so today.

We treat prospective members of the Fremont Bank family as friends, learning how the relationship can be mutually beneficial just as Morris Hyman did. We are known for organizing interesting experiences for our clients, including our biannual event at the Oakland Zoo. And we’re extremely proud of the support we offer our neighbors through many donations from the Fremont Bank Foundation; for example, a $3,800,000 grant for a new critical care facility at Washington Hospital.

You probably haven’t thought about a bank as a “family.” Give us a try! Click here to learn more about what Fremont Bank has to offer and what family means to us.