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Wholesale Lending


Wholesale Lending

Our goal is to build partnerships within the mortgage wholesale community by consistently providing a rewarding, profitable experience. We are committed to customer service and believe it is the essence to a strong wholesale lending business- commitment which has been cultivated since the bank opened its doors in 1964.

To put this in simple terms, we offer a friendly, hands-on approach to wholesale lending with lending decisions made right here in California. With consistent, exceptional wholesale/client partnerships that include attractive pricing and programs, we stand beside you with a 100% dedicated sales and operation team.

“Fremont Bank has proven to be an exceptional partner for Guarantee Mortgage for many years. Fremont’s professionalism, top of the line service and competitive flexible lending programs nicely supplement our own in-house banking operations allowing our Loan Officers to close every transaction with great customer satisfaction.”

– Bob Siefert, Senior Vice President, Guarantee Mortgage

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