Wholesale HELOC Payments Calculator

Agency 1st
Primary residence
Home Equity Interest Only
Home Equity 360
10.25% APR
10.25% APR
Final Margin
Max Line Available
Max HCLTV Available
Qual Rate
14.00%Rate shock: 3.75%
12.25%Rate shock: 2.00%
Qualifying Payment
PaymentIntro rate/draw period
PaymentDraw Period
$1,92210 years interest only
$2,01610 years fully amortizing
PaymentRepayment Period
$2,45215 years
$2,01620 years

Intro rate not available for purchase transactions

This calculator is provided as a courtesy for mortgage professional use. The calculations provided are based entirely on the information user enters. The results yielded are merely estimates and do not guarantee available loan terms and do not represent actual repayment obligation. Accuracy is not guaranteed and products may not be available in all areas.

Important information about our HELOC Calculator

  • Start rate is not reflective of any other margin discounts or introductory rate.
  • Amounts above are based on the following repayment terms:
    • Home Equity Interest-Only uses a 15-year repayment period (*180 equal principal payments)
    • Home Equity 360 uses a 20-year repayment period
  • The entire credit line amount will be used to calculate the qualifying payment regardless of any amount disbursed at closing.
    A 0.25% interest rate discount for maintaining Automatic Loan Payments (ALP) is available only if the ALP is from a Fremont Bank personal checking account. Only one ALP discount per home equity line of credit will apply. The removal of any discount will increase the rate.

Please contact your Fremont Bank Account Executive or further clarification. Loans are subject to credit review and approval. For the most current information, please see our product rate sheets for pricing and product details. The information contained is subject to change without notice.

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