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You want faster decisions and greater flexibility with a bank. As an independently owned and operated bank, we can deliver a more personalized approach to your banking experience.

You’re in good company

Individuals from all walks of life and businesses from a variety of industries mean a diverse client base – and ongoing resiliency even in unpredictable times.

Growing together

Client-focused banks grow with intention – and that’s a good thing. Stability and success are achieved when the focus is on each client and not on growth just for growth’s sake.

Local banking = local support

When you bank right here in our community, your dollars serve as a direct investment into the development and prosperity of the Bay Area.

Strong and consistent financial performance

You help our community thrive by choosing a local bank that is financially strong, led by a long-tenured executive management team and focused on service.


A message from our President & CEO

Over our nearly 60 years serving the Bay Area, we have reliably served our clients and communities. During that same time, we’ve seen many banks flourish only to then falter. Other banks have merged or been acquired. 

I’m often asked why - and how - is Fremont Bank different.

We choose to manage Fremont Bank conservatively, forgoing short-term profits by not venturing into high-risk activities. We look to serve our communities comprehensively, not focusing on any singular or narrow type of client. Additionally, being independently owned and operated – and not publicly traded – means we are not conflicted between choosing short-term decisions that improve our stock price over ensuring the long-term stability of the bank. 

These are just a few of the factors that distinguish Fremont Bank. Discover the Fremont Bank difference.

Warm regards,
Andy Mastorakis
President & CEO

Decades of dedication

Since our first branch opened in the Bay area in 1964, our goal has remained the same: to grow the community, not outgrow it.

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Experience full service banking

Get the best of a local bank’s service, technology that delivers and a range of comprehensive products.

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Access decision makers

Talk to the people who have the power to customize your business banking solutions and drive your financial success forward.

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Keep more dollars local

By choosing a local bank, you help create opportunities for home ownership, business advancement, and well-being right here in the Bay Area.

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