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Please update your browser.

Fremont Bank takes the online security of our clients very seriously. If you are still using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) or below, we strongly recommend you upgrade to a newer internet browser. Modern browsers are faster, more secure and support features that legacy browsers are not able to.

Why is it time for an update?

As Internet Explorer was launched 6 years ago, it no longer receives frequent patches and updates to protect you from an ever-growing list of threats online. Microsoft’s own head of global security has even recommended moving to a modern browser, describing it as "perilous" to use Internet Explorer as your default internet browser.

In addition to security concerns, because Internet Explorer no longer receives updates, it does not support many powerful features of the modern web. While some websites will continue to work with IE 11, as time goes on more and more websites will decide to stop supporting legacy browsers so that they can offer these new features to their users.

Newer browsers have better security to protect your information online
Everything from web pages to videos load faster with modern browsers
Automatic updates help ensure you’re always up-to-date

How do I upgrade my internet browser?

Look for these icons on your computer.

You might even have a new internet browser already installed on your computer. Look for one of these icons on your computer. If you have one installed you’re good to go. Simply use that application going forward for a safer internet browsing experience.

These are all modern web browsers

What if I don't have one installed?

If you don’t already have one of these browsers, the good news is upgrading is easy! Fremont Bank recommends that you install one of the browsers below. Simply click one of the buttons to download one of these powerful browsers.

Use the buttons below to download a faster and more secure internet browser

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For tips and information on how to use Personal Online Banking, visit our Resource Center. If you need further assistance our agents would be happy to help.

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