Online Banking System Requirements

Is your browser up to date?

At Fremont Bank, we care about the privacy of your personal data. That’s why, beginning in July 2017, we stopped supporting older web browsers that don’t meet our industry encryption standards.

System Requirements


To use our site you'll need:

  • Broadband Internet Access
  • A browser that supports encryption
  • Cookies enabled

Required Operating Systems

Windows 7 and later
iOS 13 and later
Android 10 and later
Mac OS Yosemite 10.10 and later

Supported Browsers

Chrome 72 and later
Firefox 77 and later
Safari 10.14 and later
Microsoft Edge
All versions

Mobile Requirements

Mobile Connectivity Requirements:

  • 5G
  • 4G LTE
  • WIFI

Mobile Check Deposit Compatibility:

You’ll need a mobile device with a rear-facing camera to deposit checks in mobile apps. A camera resolution of 5 megapixels or higher is required.

Touch ID® / Fingerprint Login Requirements:

Touch ID® (Apple®) and Fingerprint (Android™) Logins are available on eligible devices.

PDF Requirements

Adobe Reader® is required to access documents being provided to you in PDF format (for example, Online Statements and Tax forms). To access some PDF documents on our site, you may be required to use a later version of Adobe Reader. Download Adobe Reader for free.

The best way to go to

Check your browser to see if you have the latest version. How to check what browser you’re using? Go to to get details about your current browser. Once you have the details, update your browser using the links below.

When updating your browser, consider the following:

  • Some features and functions may not operate as expected with unsupported browsers
  • The browser needs to be an officially released version. We do not support any beta development browser versions
  • If you start using the latest officially released browser version, there may be a slight delay in our support of this version as we must conduct tests to ensure it is compatible with our online banking features and strict security standards
  • For your protection, Fremont Bank does not support browsers in Compatibility Mode (this only applies to Internet Explorer) or third-party browser extensions/plug-ins

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*Android, Chrome, Google Pay, Google Pixel, Google Play, Wear OS by Google, and the Google Logo are trademarks of Google LLC.