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Associate Spotlight: Lidia Carrillo

Sixty years of banking is no small feat, and thanks to our extraordinary associates, Fremont Bank has made it happen. One of these associates happens to be the “Superwoman” Lead Commercial Assistant on our Commercial Relationship Management team. Join us as we get to know Lidia Carrillo!

How long have you worked at Fremont Bank and what do you do here?

I am the Lead Commercial Assistant for the Commercial Relationship Management team, and I have worked at Fremont Bank since 2012. My typical day at work includes assisting our team with various pipeline meetings, new loan requests, and internal and external communications with clients. I also manage and support the Commercial Assistant team with any loan-related issues or additional tasks.

What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I truly love my job! I enjoy multitasking — as you can see, my day is not boring and never the same. To me, any request or email is important and deserves the same priority and attention. I enjoy taking care of our clients as I truly care about the people we assist and serve.

I also think it’s important to take care of our “internal” clients. I am a part of HOLA, which stands for “Hispanic Origin and Latin American.” We are an employee resource group that discusses and plans ways to help and serve various communities and Latino neighborhoods.

What’s your greatest strength as a business professional?

Dedication and pride in serving the Commercial Relationship Management team as well as our clients. I believe in taking responsibility and ownership of loan requests submitted to me, as each one of them deserves priority and care from the beginning to the end. I feel joyful and a sense of accomplishment every time we fund a loan and make our client happy.

What's your favorite phrase or piece of advice?

Serve, enjoy life, make time for family and good friends, and most importantly, don’t leave anything for tomorrow as tomorrow is not promised.

What's your superpower?

My superpower is being “Superwoman!” — a character that is extraordinary and successful in managing simultaneous demands each day, both personally and professionally. To accomplish all my daily requests and leave work with a satisfied feeling that everything was completed.