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Associate Spotlight: Katina Perkins

Katina Perkins has over 18 years of experience in corporate training, client development, and operations. She holds a master’s degree in education, which has been pivotal to her ability to leverage educational theories and methodologies in designing, developing, and delivering successful programs. Her strengths lie in her ability to communicate effectively, identify needs, provide solutions, and cultivate positive outcomes.

It’s no wonder that Katina is our Associate Spotlight during Black History Month! She joined Fremont Bank in September of 2020, coming into the Residential Lending department as a trainer underneath Tami Hummel. From this position, Katina was able to successfully collaborate with various teams to develop and manage the training needed on new processes; refine and update existing processes; and document training for new hires and existing associates.

As of August 2022, Katina is transformation operations trainer on our Transformation Office team. Katina states: “In this position, I partner with teams across the organization to facilitate change management and process improvement, and I assist departments with training to improve efficiencies throughout the bank.”

By creating quick and easy training tools for associates, Katina has been successful in assisting departments impacted by process changes. She continues, “The employees are so close, it feels like a family.” Katina can see that the associates are committed to the bank and to working well together and building strong relationships. “So many people here at Fremont Bank are willing to be helpful!”

Katina also loves the community and philanthropic work that Fremont Bank does.  She shares, “There is a lot of giving work that is in the community. I feel it is important that the company give back. I feel we do a lot of great work at Fremont Bank, and giving back to the community says a lot about the character and foundation of the company.”

How would you describe your personality?

My personality is outgoing and fun!

What advice would you give to a new hire at Fremont Bank?

This is a relationship-building company. Build as many positive relationships with as many people as you can.

During your time at Fremont Bank, what big project challenged you?

I was working on a document transfer project when I first started at Fremont Bank. We were moving these documents to a different repository when we met some obstacles. We had an excellent collaborative team, and by remaining focused on the objective, we were able to overcome the obstacles and meet the project deadline.

What do you enjoy most about your job today?

Collaborating with teams, identifying process improvement opportunities, and creating training for departments with their change management items or any new process.

What led you to become a trainer?

The opportunity had appeared, the company was looking for expertise in specific areas, and I felt it was a great opportunity to show my skills and help out with my own area of expertise.

What is your favorite phrase, and why?

I always like to say, “Be the change you’d like to see in the world,” which was said by Gandhi. This quote is my favorite because I think it underscores that responsibility for positive change belongs to you first. It is an individual aspect and not something that just happens.

Do you have a hobby outside of Fremont Bank?

I love to bake, and I also make jelly and jam!

Who is your favorite superhero?

Wolverine! Because he is fearless!

What is your greatest strength?

Courage is my greatest strength. Just a few years ago, I might not have said that, but over time, I have faced so many things and handled so many events in my life, and I’ve come out on top. I am still standing and feeling more courageous!