Current fraud activity alert

Dear Valued Client,

Recently, several clients have been contacted by scammers who are pretending to be from Fremont Bank’s fraud department. In some cases, even the caller ID said “Fremont Bank.” The scammers are asking for social security numbers, PIN numbers, security codes, passwords, account numbers and other information and then attempting to hack the accounts. Do not share your PIN, password or any other account access information with anyone who requests it.

How you can protect yourself:

  • Know that Fremont Bank will never contact you and request personal information or any other information that can be used to access your accounts.
  • Do not rely on caller ID. Fraudsters and scammers can make calls and text messages look like they’re coming from Fremont Bank.
  • If you receive a request by phone, text or email that makes you uncomfortable or seems suspicious in any way, hang up or don’t respond. Contact us immediately by calling 800-359-2265.

Protecting your personal information and accounts is our highest priority. If you need to report fraudulent activity or have any concerns at all, please contact us right away.

Thank you for your partnership.

Warm regards,
Fremont Bank