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PPE for Bay Area Hospital Staff on the Front Lines of COVID-19

Bay Area counties and health departments are continuing their COVID-19 vaccine distribution at a rapid pace. As things first got underway in early 2021, Fremont Bank Foundation saw an opportunity to help healthcare facilities in our own backyard. So, we donated $250,000 each to Fremont, Calif.’s Washington Hospital Foundation and Hayward, Calif.’s St. Rose Hospital Foundation.

The hospitals will use the sizeable grants to purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) and other supplies as they address vaccination support in their surrounding communities.

“The pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty for all of us. Now, these two Alameda County hospitals know they can secure PPE to keep their employees and patients safe during this challenging time,” said Brian Hughes, Fremont Bank Foundation’s president and executive director.

In 2020, the Foundation donated approximately $2.7 million across the Bay Area, including COVID-19-related relief to address basic needs, educational stability, and food shortages. Our funding will continue throughout 2021.