What type of built-in security and safety features do Fremont Bank Debit Cards offer?

Fremont Bank offers many different levels of built-in security and safety features on our debit cards:

Chip Technology
Fremont Bank debit cards are secured with a built-in microchip. When used at a chip-enabled terminal, the transaction requires the chip to produce a single-use code to validate the transaction. This added security makes it extremely difficult for the card to be copied or counterfeited. 

CardGuard® - Mobile Card Management
Get the mobile app that lets you control debit card usage and spending on the go. A lost or stolen card is just one area of concern in today's world where Identity theft, skimming and other attacks are an unfortunate reality. Turning your debit card off when you're not using it helps safeguard against fraud. When your card is "off," no withdrawals or purchases will be approved. Transaction controls that allow your debit card to work only in specific locations or geographic areas, add another layer of protection. And real-time alerts keep you informed when your card is used or declined. Download the mobile app today

MasterCard® SecureCode™
Guard your card for online shopping with MasterCard SecureCode™. When you enroll, you have additional protection against unauthorized online purchases at participating merchants using your Fremont Bank Debit MasterCard®. You begin by enrolling your card and selecting your own private code for your Debit MasterCard®. When you shop online and check out at participating merchants, you are automatically prompted to enter your MasterCard SecureCode™ - just like entering a PIN at the ATM. If your correct SecureCode™ isn't provided to Fremont Bank, the purchase doesn't go through. Enroll today

Real-time Fraud Monitoring
Card activity is monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We use fraud monitoring tools to review how and where your debit card is being used. These tools help to detect unusual transaction activity that may indicate fraudulent use and block potentially fraudulent transactions. If we detect unusual activity, we will contact you. If we cannot reach you, your card may be blocked and unusable until confirmation can be obtained. To minimize card disruptions, please notify us when travelling or when you get a new phone number or email address.

Contact us at 800-359-BANK(2265) if you find any unauthorized card transactions. You may not be liable for fraudulent transactions.

Provisional Credit for Fraud Losses
We’ll provide provisional credit for unauthorized card transactions within ten business days of notification of the loss.

Keep an eye on your Account
Stay connected with Digital Banking. Monitor your accounts from the palm of your hand to ensure your transactions reflect charges that you authorized. You could also sign up for Account Alerts for a status of your transactions or to be notified when your account balance drops below a certain dollar amount.