What are the system requirements for Online Banking?

At Fremont Bank, we care about the privacy of your personal data and only support web browsers that meet our industry encryption standards.

The following browsers are supported:

  • Mozilla Firefox® version 77 and higher
  • Google Chrome® 72 and higher
  • Apple Safari® 10.14 and higher
  • Microsoft Edge® all versions

You can go to whatsmybrowser.org to get details about your current browser.

Attention Business Online Banking Users: you may need to review your company's security policies, which may require you to contact your Information Technology/LAN/3rd party or browser vendor for assistance.

Adobe Acrobat Reader® version 6.0 is required to view documents (version 10.0 or higher is recommended for best performance). If a document is unable to be viewed due to an incorrect version of Adobe Acrobat, a newer version of Adobe Acrobat Reader can be acquired at www.adobe.com/Acrobat.

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