How do I make a loan or mortgage payment?

There are multiple ways to submit a payment for your loan:

  1. Submit a one-time payment or set up a recurring payment through the mobile app or online banking.

    Once you’re logged into personal online banking, click on your loan number to get to the Loan Servicing Center. To make a one-time payment: From the menu select One Time Payment to make your current monthly payment or a principal only payment.

    To make a recurring payment: From the menu select Make a Payment to set up an automatic recurring payment. These payment options may not be available on all loan types.

  2. Send your mortgage payment by mail. Write a check to Fremont Bank and send it to:

    Fremont Bank
    PO box 7355
    Fremont, CA 94537-7355

    Don’t forget to write your loan number on the check.