Frequently Asked Questions

Online Banking

Can I transfer funds from my Fremont Bank deposit accounts to my other deposit accounts at another financial institution?

Yes! You can send and receive money between your Fremont Bank deposit accounts and your deposit accounts at other financial institutions by sending an External Transfer.

Get Started:

  1. Log in to Personal Online Banking
  2. Select the Transfer tab, then select External Transfers
  3. Click the Add an Account link and follow the steps to add your non-Fremont Bank account.
  4. Once your account has been validated, you will be ready to send and receive funds.
Online Banking

How do I enroll in Personal Online Banking?

Online Banking enrollment is easy–and takes just a few minutes.

Online Banking

How do I enroll in Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay is available to anyone currently enrolled in our Personal Online Banking service and has a checking account.

How to pay a bill

  1. After you log in, select Payments and follow the enrollment steps
  2. Add a Company or Person to pay (you can browse names or add a company or individual)
  3. Choose when and how much you want to pay. Select Make Payments and you’re done!

Watch our Online Bill Pay Demo

Online Banking

How do I enroll in Personal Online Banking if I only have Mortgage or Home Equity loans with Fremont Bank?

Please review your loan funding package for instructions on how to enroll.

Online Banking

Can I wire funds online?

Business clients can sign up for the ability to wire funds in Business Online Banking. Personal wires must be done in a branch.

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