Appraisal Fee Calculator

Fremont Bank Appraisal Fee Calculator

Property Information

Additional Ads Action/Fee Required
Enter the folllowing fees into the ‘additional items’ sections in the calculator to the right.
FNMA/FHLMC High Balance Products
Loan is High Bal; Property value is ≥ $1MM; HCLTV>75% Field review required. Add $350 to the additional items field.

Appraisal Fee

Not in High Fee Area $ -
1007 Not Required $ -
Not High Property Value $ -
Oregon Property $ -
Has Acreage $ 100
Property Currently Under Construction (442 required) $ 150
Additional Items $
Subtotal $
No additional adjustments $ -
Second Appraisal (Gold Jumbo) $ -
Total Appraisal Fee Estimate $

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