Home Buyer FAQs

Does Fremont Bank offer fully underwritten pre‐approvals?

Yes. Before we issue a pre‐approval letter, an authorized underwriter reviews the borrower’s credit file.

Does Fremont Bank have local, experienced underwriters?

Yes. We have local underwriters working in our Bay Area Operations Centers.

Does Fremont Bank have a dedicated purchase loan team?

Yes. From origination to funding, we have a team that is experienced in all aspects of the purchase transaction. We’re committed to communicating throughout the loan process.

Does Fremont Bank offer flexible loan‐to‐value ratios for purchases?

Yes. We offer FHA loans which have lower down payment requirements.

Does Fremont Bank offer combo option loan programs?

Yes. We have 80% Purchase loans with a combo 2nd behind it up to 89.99% or (CLTV) combined loan to value.

Does Fremont Bank have a limit on how many financed properties I can own?

Yes. We are confident that you’ll find Fremont Bank generous in comparison to other lenders. We allow borrowers to have up to 10 financed properties. Other lenders typically only allow 4‐5.