Fremont Bank Mobile Deposit

Mobile Bill Capture

Go from pic to paid

Now there’s a better way to pay bills, with your smartphone’s camera. It's the faster, easier solution to pay your bills without the hassle of filling out your information manually. You must be enrolled in Bill Pay to use Mobile Bill Capture, enroll now.

How to use Mobile Bill Capture

  • Log in to the Fremont Bank Mobile App
  • Select "Payments" from the menu at the bottom, then tap the "Bill Capture"
  • Tap "Take a Picture" to capture the bill image using your smartphone camera, just hover over the bill and your phone will automatically take a picture when it is aligned
  • Double check that the payee, amount and due date are correct and tap the "Save" button
  • Select "Pay" to schedule a payment or "Finish" to return later and pay the saved bill from the To Do list.
Bill Capture Tips
  • Do not tear off the mail in portion of the bill, use the whole page.
  • Place the bill on a solid background for good contrast
  • Find good lighting, avoid shadows across the bill
  • Make sure all four corners are within the on-screen image
  • Hold your smartphone, keep it as square to the bill as possible
  • Mobile Bill Capture can hold up to 10 pages of a bill. Only the first page of the bill is used, but you can upload and save the rest of the pages of your bill, for later reference.
  • You can delete the additional pages as needed. However, the first page of the bill cannot be deleted.
  • For more information on how to secure your mobile device, view our Mobile Security Tips.


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