Alexis Kleinhans

Vice President of Commercial Lending

About Me

Alexis Kleinhans

Hi, I’m Alexis Kleinhans, Vice President, Commercial Lending Team Lead with Fremont Bank. I have been in the banking industry since 1997 specializing in Small Business and Commercial Lending, from Commercial Real Estate and Construction to Business Loans and Lines of Credit. I enjoy interacting with my clients and working out creative lending solutions that no other banks can offer.


Why Choose Fremont Bank


Fremont Bank has a long history of assisting clients with their commercial financing needs. We specialize in understanding complex deals that may not fit into the automated underwriting of other financial institutions. We take the time to understand the specifics of your transaction.

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Business Loans and Lines of Credit

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Plan your path to growth with a business loan from Fremont Bank. From fixed terms to flexible credit limits, our funding solutions have features and benefits that can help you move forward.

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Make your next big commercial real estate investment with financing from Fremont Bank. We’re an agile partner ready to deliver your custom solution.

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SBA loans can help established businesses grow and new businesses get started.