Hassle-free payroll and HR. 

Payroll Services

You have customers to serve, inventory to manage, a social media presence to expand. Heartland takes the stress and guesswork out of payroll, allowing you to make the most of your time and focus on your top priorities.

Single Point of Contact Secure and Flexible Competitive Pricing
No phone trees. Heartland provides you with a relationship that goes beyond average customer support. A dedicated payroll consultant who knows you and is familiar with your business. Heartlands single-point-of-contact approach provides easy payroll management supported by simple online payroll software. Heartland provides flexible payroll processing—with online access to all of your payroll data and employee information. Plus, they use the latest encryption technology to protect your business and employee data. Heartland values transparency. That’s why they offer all-inclusive payroll services pricing with no extra fees and no hidden costs. In addition, Heartland locks in your rate for three years.


Payroll+HR Services

Heartland Payroll+HR takes the guesswork out of processing payroll and managing the intricacies of HR regulations and issues. Payroll+HR is a turnkey payroll service with a full range of HR tools to support your business.
HR Support Center Heartland Info Center Employee Files Business Partner Reporting
This is your single online source for critical HR materials, including customizable documents for hiring, managing and paying employees. You’ll also receive personalized alerts as well as advice to keep you current on laws, regulations and court decisions that could impact your business. This online tool offers secure access to payroll records, messages, schedules, policies, job-related websites and more. The last thing on your mind is keeping track of paper documents. Minimize printing costs and paper cuts with Heartlands built-in electronic employee file system so your data is available. Running a business involves the expertise of many different players. Heartland offers private and secure access to your data for your CPA, insurance broker, financial advisor and benefits administrator.

Affordable Care Act - Meeting the requirements of the Affordable Care Act can be a daunting task. Heartland offers a solution to help you understand the complexities, avoid noncompliance fines and reduce administrative work. 

Additional Services - Need even more options? Heartland allows you to further customize your payroll and HR services, including general ledger, timekeeping, Section 125 and HR Services on-demand.

For more information, contact us today and we'll put you in touch with a dedicated payroll consultant from Heartland. 

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