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Positive Pay


Positive Pay

Protect your business from unauthorized transactions.

This secure and powerful online tool protects your business against fraud by comparing incoming checks and ACH items against your issue information.  A positive match passes through while a difference (i.e. date/amount/check number) is flagged for your review.  Catch fraud in the act!  Accept or reject items before they post with Fremont Bank’s Positive Pay service. 

Positive Pay enables you to:

  • Protection over Check or ACH transactions before they post to your account
  • Monitor debit, credit or both types of transactions
  • Delegate your Accept or Pay decision to automatically make decision if you can’t login before cutoff
Key Features

With Positive Pay you have the option to designate approval on decisions. You can assign user access and functionality levels. It provides multi-user access from multiple locations and offers dual levels of authorization.

You can easily view unauthorized transactions and can choose to pay or return. Unpaid transactions are returned at the end of the day.

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