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Fremont Bank and Washington Hospital know that a healthy community is a better community.
As a community bank, Fremont Bank has a long history of funding, supporting, and staying involved in the services and organizations that make communities better. Supporting Washington Hospital has served as a way for the bank to make a meaningful difference in the lives of local residents. The construction of The Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion is continuing that tradition.

The Morris Hyman Critical Care Pavilion is a safe, state of the art facility that will allow the hospital to continue providing excellent healthcare to the community. This new, world class building is made up of four stories of intensive care, critical care, and medical surgery rooms.
The project doubled the number of critical care beds at the hospital, providing greater resources for the community. Unlike most health care facilities, each room is a VIP suite, offering more privacy and a better overall environment for both patients and families.
Morris Hyman, founder of Fremont Bank, strongly believed banks should play a role in taking care of the community. Partnering with Washington Hospital and investing in the new building was a natural decision when it came to carrying out that vision.
“Mr. Hyman never forgot Washington Hospital. He made sure that his legacy continues to take care of the community” says Carmencita Agcaoili, Medical Director of Critical Care at Washington Hospital.
The importance of community banks goes beyond savings and loans. Fremont Bank believes that when local businesses, organizations, groups, and individuals come together they can really improve the quality of life for the entire community. With the Partnership in Action campaign, Fremont Bank strives to highlight and support these relationships.

Moving forward, Fremont Bank will continue to build on Morris Hyman’s legacy with community partnerships.

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