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Our Service Charter

Fremont Bank chooses to be a privately held community bank. This choice enables us to make long term investments into client relationships, which we call “Partnerships,” rather than seeking short term immediate rewards. Fremont Bank’s objective is to create and  be recognized as the “Six Diamond Experience” for our clients and associates through ground breaking service programs. Our associates are committed to training in, and recognition for, taking personal accountability for client satisfaction.

We recognize our success is contingent upon the health and vitality of our community. Fundamentally, helping others to succeed helps Fremont Bank to succeed. We realize that looking after the well being of others is a community responsibility. Fremont Bank cherishes the dignity of each individual and recognizes each person is unique. Our industry may appear complex at times, to this end, our associates will seek to educate and provide alternatives to our clients. We will listen with an open mind for new possibilities.

At the very heart of our business is trust. We take care of our clients’ financial assets. Our conduct honors the gift of this relationship. Confidentiality, proactive action, diligence, and responsiveness are the cornerstones of our financial services.

Our success is contingent upon our ability to maintain profitability. As in any successful partnership there is value created for all parties. In this regard, our actions will be consistent with providing value to both the client and the company. We provide services for agreed upon fees and terms. Fremont Bank’s revenue will be fairly earned; client satisfaction is our priority.

Our associates are our most precious asset. Personal development and preparation to meet the needs of our clients and the company is a fundamental responsibility of each associate. We embrace commitments for an extraordinary workplace. Our aligned vision and action is our most valuable tool. We seek opportunities for teamwork and professional relationship building. Our actions are accountable to others to ensure we are always working towards the greater good of the organization.

We commit to the ongoing creation of a culture of service we call the “Six Diamond Experience,” for the following reasons:

Our products are unique and infused with “world class” service levels. We see ourselves as integral partners providing a high quality experience for our clients. Our model for client relationships recognizes the client’s experience of being served is the building block of future business. Client loyalty is a high priority.

We believe our industry is becoming more diversified and the competition less segmented. Clients will allow us to provide them any financial service if we have a reputation for trust, integrity, and innovation. With this reputation we will succeed as we expand into non-traditional services.

We represent an enduring legacy and reputation. That reputation has its roots in commitment to extraordinary service and innovation. As the company grows, the fundamental values will become harder and harder to preserve without a set of guiding principles that will teach and guide others to uphold our corporate identity.

We intend to create a widely recognized set of standards by which bank service levels are measured. These will be ground breaking standards by which all other financial institutions will be measured in the future. This will be our market differentiation, our brand of banking, our legacy…we are the Six Diamond Experience in banking.

Our Accountability

Exceeding Expectations…Together We Make The Difference

  • Do what it takes to Wow the Client and our Associates
  • What our Clients and fellow Associates think of us makes the difference
  • Every interaction is an opportunity to build a lifetime relationship
  • To the Client and my Associates, I am the Bank.
Our Actions

The Six Diamond Way…

  • Appreciating the Client
  • Offering the Client choices
  • Keeping the Client informed
  • Committing to accuracy
  • Taking ownership
  • Treating Clients above and beyond how you would want to be treated

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