Tyrone Leslie, Manager, Appraisal Administration

Why Fremont Bank?

Fremont Bank is privately owned. Associates are able to correspond directly with the owners of the bank making it easy to achieve resolutions expeditiously without all the red tape. The customer service we bring to both our internal and external business channels is recognized from the top level to the front line. We're constantly treating every interaction as an opportunity to build a lifetime relationship. I feel like I am Fremont Bank and a part of the Fremont Bank Family.

Advancement and growth

I have been with the bank for nearly 12 years and there were always opportunities for growth and advancement offered by the bank. A few examples are continued education, off site management coaching activities and the Protégé Program. The Protégé Program is a select number of associates chosen annually to advance a key bank initiative while offering our associates an opportunity to experience the bank from a new perspective and become more aware of core processes. These opportunities have given me visibility not only with my peers but with upper management as well.

Corporate Culture

Fremont Bank is really great at communicating our strategic plans and how we are doing in terms of achieving our goals through town hall meetings. I really appreciate the recognition by upper management. Plus, Fremont Bank is always out supporting the communities we serve.

Advice to the Applicant

Fremont Bank truly cares about their customers and associates. The bank has a great reputation, when I was in sales I didn't have to sell the bank, just my products.