Sean Kiester, Vendor Management Program Administrator 

Why Fremont Bank?

I choose to work at Fremont Bank because it's like my second family. I've grown up here. I've been with the bank for over 24 years and established close relationships with associates on all levels. On the business side, my longevity has allowed me to establish longtime relationships with clients and has given me historical perspective on products. I get the value of perspective as the bank moves forward. I choose Fremont Bank because it's my family's business.

Advancement and growth

Fremont Bank offers its associates the opportunities to grow in their career and the flexibility to move around within the bank. Whether you start out as a teller in the branch like me, Fremont Bank has the resources to encourage your professional growth in other areas of business. During my career at Fremont Bank, I have worked in the branches, the Call Center, and the Information Systems Department. All these skills have prepared me for my current role as the Corporate Services Manager.

Corporate Culture

The most important benefit of working at Fremont Bank is the people. Fremont Bank has a unique family environment that cultivates the feeling of belonging. I remember talking to our founder, Morris Hyman, while fixing his computer. Our conversation centered around my satisfaction with working at the bank and my plans for growing with it.

Advice to the Applicant

When you work at Fremont Bank, you not only become an associate, you become part of the family. The people at Fremont Bank are like a family that helps train you, grow you and support you through failure and success. No other company is going to be more family oriented and goal driven. If you work at Fremont Bank, you decide how far your success will go.