Secure Email

Fremont Bank strives to keep your confidential information secure.  We recognize the importance of email communications and have built a secure and safe channel where you can access your information online.  Fremont Bank Secure Mail is a process that allows you to exchange confidential information via the Internet in a secure manner.

When receiving an email from Fremont Bank, check for “Fremont Bank Secure Mail” in the subject line.

Click on “View Message” to get directed to our server.

Your email can then be accessed once a password is created.  Your username should be your email address.

Once received, the end user will have 14 days to access their email.  Your email will automatically be deleted after 14 days.

This process does not require specialized software or a complicated “key exchange” process.  It simply is a two-way encrypted solution that requires Internet connection and a web browser that supports 128-bit SSL encryption.

Fremont Bank has taken an extra step to secure sensitive information such as Social Security, Account number, etc. to assure that your information is protected at a time when more and more communication is conducted via email.

If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 359-BANK (2265) or email