Enhanced Online Banking Security

Security you can see.


Online Banking Security Enhancements

Our Online Banking security makes it easy for you to access your account, while continuing to protect your information online with our powerful, multilayered security system.

Security you can see!
Before entering your password or answering the security challenge, check your browser's address bar for the extended validation certificate. A visual confirmation of website security commonly referred to as the Green Address Bar. 

Here's how the Green address bar may appear in your browser: 
Browser Bar
In addition to the Green Address Bar, the authentication process utilizes multiple layers of security. We verify three important criteria: 
Login Badge Device Badge Location Badge
The access process begins with you typing in your Access ID and Password.  We check your device. If we don’t recognize the device, you may have to pass a Security Challenge in addition to entering your password to verify your identity.  We may also check geographic indicators. If you’re trying to log in from a new location, we may ask additional questions.

Please Note: Your Authentication Image and Pass Phrase will no longer be displayed when you log in to Online Banking. 

We are committed to providing a secure and protected Online Banking experience. If you have any questions, please call our Online Banking Specialists at 800-359-BANK (2265). 

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