Mobile Security Tips

The security of your information and money is a top priority at Fremont Bank. As the use of Smart Phones continues to grow, we feel it is important to provide you information on additional ways to keep your information and money safe and the list below is an example of “best practices” for securing your mobile devices.

Protect your data and lock your phone
  • Enable password/PIN lock code
  • Set the screen timeout to five minutes or less
  • Avoid using auto-complete features that remember names or passwords
  • Protect your passwords and never reveal them to anyone
Manage Your Applications Wisely
  • Download apps only from trustworthy sources – Like iTunes® or Google Play™
  • Don’t install a new app until it has established a good reputation
  • Keep applications updated. Remove applications you no longer use
  • Don’t “root” or “jailbreak” your device or install third-party firmware
What to do if your phone is lost or stolen
  • Notify your cell phone provider to suspend or deactivate your service until it is located or replaced.
  • Call Fremont Bank at 800-359-BANK (2265) to unregister that phone for Mobile Banking access and consider changing your online banking password
  • If enabled, remotely wipe the data from your phone
Additional precautions
  • Install an anti-malware application – there are several available, like Lookout™, Sophos™, etc.
  • Be careful of phones bought second-hand from places like eBay™ or Craigslist – they can contain pre-installed malicious software
  • Know where your phone is and don’t loan your phone to anyone
  • Just like your computer, do not click on links in emails or texts that you are not familiar with

Be aware of your surroundings when in public to help prevent theft