Fremont Bank Employee Benefits



Executive Commitment

We, the Executive Management Team of Fremont Bank, declare that we are the world’s leading Financial Service provider…Boldly creating a new future unprecedented in the history of banking.

We stand for and acknowledge the contributions and commitments of each and every Associate.

We are committed to service, performance, and financial well being for all our Clients, Shareholders, Associates and generously sharing our success with our community and constituents.

We can be counted on to provide the leadership, direction, and certainty for Fremont Bank to excel as the premier service provider, generously making a difference in millions of lives through the 21st century and beyond.

Mission Statement

Fremont Bank…Creating Financial Success Through Partnership

As the leading financial service provider in our community, we are committed to helping our Clients achieve their financial goals.

To our Clients

We are committed to a participative relationship focused on innovative solutions in which we provide a range of quality, convenient and competitive financial products and services.

To our Shareholders

We are committed to enhancing value by maximizing earnings without sacrificing long- term viability, and by maintaining effective communication between Shareholders and management.

To our Associates

We are committed to attracting, developing and rewarding associates who provide exceptional service that furthers Client satisfaction and Shareholder prosperity.

To our Communities

We are committed to being an active member of, and a valued resource to, the communities we serve.

We are committed to excellence with integrity. We will continually measure our performance, improve quality and efficiency, thrive on change, and surpass Client expectations.

Our Motto

“We Are Professionals Building Lifetime Relationships”

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