Fremont Bank Employee Benefits



Core Standards

  1. The “Six Diamond Experience” is our brand. It is the responsibility of each Associate to understand, create, live, and honor the brand. Responsiveness, thoughtfulness, appreciation, accuracy, teamwork, and speaking positively are the six critical elements of this brand.
  2. Our strategic goal is a lifetime relationship with the Client. Infuse service into every task. Take personal accountability for the Client experience. Look from the Client’s perspective and take actions that build a relationship. Take ownership of Client needs until they are resolved.
  3. Our Clients will always be welcomed into a warm, friendly environment that is ready to serve. Greet the Client with a smile on your face and display a cheerful demeanor. Acknowledge anyone who is within six feet of you by name if possible. Invite the Client to return or to call us again.
  4. All Associates have the opportunity to express their career objectives and desired goals within the company. It is the obligation of every Associate to mentor and assist every other Associate when requested.
  5. Fremont Bank is committed to a culture of continuous process improvement and learning. It is the responsibility of each Associate to participate in measuring our performance and adhering to service standards.
  6. Each Associate is accountable for adhering to our “Commitments for an Extraordinary Workplace” so that the needs of our Clients and each other are met with the highest standard of communication and teamwork.
  7. Managing Client expectations assures Client satisfaction. Restate the actions to be taken by both parties at the end of a conversation and ask if anything else is needed (or expected).
  8. Taking ownership of the Client’s concerns expresses understanding and builds trust. Always consider alternatives and provide options to the Client rather than saying “No” to a request. Each Associate is empowered to create win/win solutions to unique situations.
  9. We will always live to the highest standard of excellence in our facilities and performance of our duties in order to create a competitive edge. A neat, organized, safe, and clean working environment is the responsibility of every Associate. Any Associate who is aware of a defect or hazard must report it immediately.
  10. Our presentation will always be professional in both dress and speech in order to earn our Client’s respect. Adhere to our dress code and avoid jargon and slang. Avoid phrases which are disrespectful such as “hang on,” “yup”, and “next.” Use phrases such as “I’ll be happy to…” and “Let me…” to make the Client feel appreciated.
  11. In order to provide an extraordinary experience of service and sales, accurate collection and safekeeping of Client data is critical. All Associates must assist in providing relevant business development and Client preference data to the proper division for follow through and logging of information.
  12. Communication is our most precious tool in creating an effective team. It is the responsibility of each Associate to routinely read and post important information onto the Fremont Bank Gazette.
  13. Each Associate is responsible for protecting the assets of Fremont Bank. All Associates are empowered to report to Human Resources or Security any breaches of ethics, inefficiency, or violations of law.
  14. Our primary and most convenient method of communication with our Clients is by telephone. We will practice absolute professionalism while speaking. We will answer the phone timely. We will never transfer a call “blindly.” We will finish every Client conversation, prior to the call ending, with “Is there anything else we can do for you today?” and “Thank you for calling Fremont Bank.”
  15. We value efficiency in order to be responsive, deliver quality, and meet our standards. Creating “one time handling” of work, that is complete and accurate, is the responsibility of every Associate.

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