Applying to our Corporate Giving Program is easy

Simply follow the steps below to apply online. 

Before you apply, please review our Eligibility Guidelines to ensure your organization qualifies.

If you meet our Eligibility Guidelines, please visit our grant application portal to submit an application for donation. If you have previously created a profile, use your login credentials. If you have not been to this site before, you will need to create a profile, please click the "Start Application" button below and then select “Create a profile now” to get started. 

Start Application
If you have any questions, please email us at 



To allow Fremont Bank to take full advantage of the promotional benefits that may accompany the sponsorship of an event, please submit your Application Package at least 8 weeks prior to any submission deadline your organization may have for artwork, or at least 60 days prior to the event, whichever comes first.

Corporate Giving Review Process

Fremont Bank accepts applications for sponsorships on an on-going basis throughout the year. All applications are reviewed by our Corporate Giving Committee once a month. Careful, thoughtful attention is given to each and every request.

Funding is generally awarded on a yearly basis with the expectation that it will be expended within one year. A contribution granted one year does not make an organization automatically eligible the following year. Organizations must reapply for funding consideration for each annual request.

Fremont Bank makes every effort to assist as many qualifying nonprofit organizations as possible. Due to the number of requests for funding we receive, we reserve the right to decline any application at our discretion. Organizations whose requests cannot be fulfilled one year are welcomed to apply the following year.

Fremont Bank reserves the right to suspend, change, or terminate its Corporate Giving Program, or any part of it, at any time.