A Partnership for Good During Trying Times

A Partnership for Good During Trying Times

Fremont Bank Foundation and Los Altos Community Foundation have partnered to award $100,000 in community grants to local nonprofits.

Dedicated to empowering the communities where you live since 1964, Fremont Bank has a long history of supporting local businesses. At Fremont Bank, we strongly believe that we all succeed when our communities succeed. Through the Fremont Bank Foundation, our mission is to provide financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that enhance the quality of life for all people in the communities we serve. Building communities has been a cornerstone value for us since the beginning.

Towards that mission, we’re thrilled to share our partnership with Los Altos Community Foundation (LACF). Together with LACF, the Fremont Bank Foundation Community Grants Program has awarded $100,000 of grants to 22 grantees to support local nonprofit organizations in Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, and Palo Alto. These 22 grantee nonprofits support various areas of need in our community, from children’s health programs to music and the arts to animal welfare to domestic violence aid. A full list of grant program recipients can be found on the LACF website.

This year, due to the global pandemic causing financial burden in our communities, the Fremont Bank Foundation recognized a need to support these local nonprofit organizations in a new, innovative way. The Community Grants Program was originally intended to provide programmatic assistance to local nonprofits. However, in light of the current pandemic, the Fremont Bank Foundation is giving our grantees the option to also use grant funds for general operating support to help alleviate any financial burdens during this difficult time.

The Fremont Bank Foundation partnership with LACF launched in conjunction with the opening of our new Mountain View branch in February 2020. As Brian Hughes, Vice President of Fremont Bank, Executive Director of the Foundation, and grandson of Fremont Bank’s founder states, “When Fremont Bank opened its 21st branch in Mountain View, our goal was to make a difference in our newest community. These grants are just the start of a relationship we are building with the Mountain View area and underscore our support for the local community, a cornerstone value for us since the very beginning.” We look forward to seeing the great work grantees continue to do in the community with their funds.

For more information on how Fremont Bank and the Fremont Bank Foundation support our communities, visit our Building Communities page on our website.
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