5 Benefits of Banking Locally

Fremont Bank is closely integrated with each community we serve because we understand that we can only prosper if the community prospers as well. Since we were founded in 1964, we have developed close relationships with business owners and individuals throughout the Bay Area. This helps us maximize our impact and support the communities we serve to be great places for growth and jobs. (Plus it’s a really enjoyable way to do business.)


We believe that if you think local, you will want to bank local. We also believe we are completely different – good different – from national banks that prioritize transactions over relationships. Here are a few examples that explain what we mean:


1. Relationship banking – it’s who we are


Secure relationships are the key to a good life, whether it’s in the family, the neighborhood or the community. That’s why we are first and foremost a relationship bank. We want a partnership with every client who walks through our doors. Your relationship manager wants to know your aspirations for your family and your business so that financial services can be tailored to your needs. Tell us about yourself and your goals. We will help you get there. 


2. Friendly tech – it doesn’t need to be a pain


Einstein said that things should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. Sometimes it seems like banks are going in the opposite direction. Not us. If you want to do all your banking across the desk from a human being, we are here for you. If you want to do it on your smart phone, we can do that too. With Fremont Bank, you don’t have to choose between modern products and the outstanding service community banking is known for.


3. Bespoke banking – customized solutions


When we say we are locally owned, we mean the owners of Fremont Bank live here in the Bay Area. Decisions are made right here by people who understand Bay Area markets, politics and neighborhoods. Not by some disgruntled stranger in New York. This means we can be nimble and customize solutions that have the best chance of getting you where you want to go. And if you run into problems, we’ve got your back. We only win if you win.


4. Financial savvy – it doesn’t have to be hard


Sometimes financial products seem to be created by accountants for accountants and can only be deciphered by the “experts.” We don’t believe in that at all. We want you to choose the best product for your specific need and understand the logic of the decision. Relationship managers are available to help with this process, and if more financial understanding is required, we can help with that too. 


5. Keeping your money in your community


The best outcome for all of us is when the money you earn stays in your community. Your community bank makes that happen. We take investments from local people and lend it to those who need the capital to grow. This creates more jobs and those earnings join the community cashflow. The more efficient that process is, the more the community thrives. That’s why we love what we do at Fremont Bank.


Philanthropy – paying it forward


One last point before I sign off: Fremont Bank designates 5% of its pre-tax earnings for charitable purposes. Supporting organizations across the Bay Area that are on the front lines of elevating the local quality of life, providing services and support that enable all of us to thrive. We can only prosper if the community prospers as well, and we are deeply committed to this core belief.


Stop by and see us sometime. You can chat with us at one of our branch locations, give us a call at 800-359-BANK (2265), or learn more on our website

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