Grow Your Business in 2020: 5 Ways a Community Bank Can Help

At Fremont Bank, we understand that small businesses aren’t small to the people who own them, people like you who have poured time, energy and financial resources into making them successful. Whether your family-owned business has five people or fifty, your business is a big deal to you, and it should be to your bank. 


As the Bay Area’s premier community bank, Fremont Bank is committed to growth in the communities we serve, and supporting local businesses is baked into our own business model. Here are five ways we can contribute to your business growth in 2020. 

1. Local is as local does

At Fremont Bank, we recognize that financial statements don’t always tell the whole story. We see beyond the numbers. We see how your vision can become a reality, how it can enhance the local economy. We get it because we are here with you. We are a family-owned business that knows what it takes to grow – we have 20 branches all over the Bay Area. We frequent the same places you do, see the same trends, know the competitive landscape and have an innate sense of what will be successful.


At community banks, you can build relationships with commercial lenders and business bankers who not only get to know you, but who also understand how your business fits into the local economy. 


2. Access to decision makers

You get easy access to senior leaders and decision makers who respond quickly when time is of the essence. We can help you jump on opportunities. We know you. We know your business. We are not limited by the bureaucratic procedures of big banks, where lending decisions are often made by committees of people with no knowledge of you or your business.  


3. Case-by-case decision making

We evaluate the unique elements of each situation and respond accordingly. Are your cashflows affected by seasonal trends? Do you sometimes need financing to service big contracts for a limited time? We understand that your needs are unique to your business, and we do as much as we can to meet those needs. Because our key decision makers are local – and available – we can often help our clients “get to yes” even when other banks can’t. 


4. Financial tools to support growth

At Fremont Bank, you don’t have to choose between outstanding service and getting the products or services you need. Both our product and technology capabilities rival any big bank, from treasury management to mobile banking to merchant services. We are able to integrate with almost all point-of-sale services, and in an industry known for confusing and inconsistent pricing structures, our pricing is simple and intuitive. 


5. Partnership when you need it most

As your business grows, your need for more financial services can grow, too. Having a trusted banking partner who can think creatively, evaluate options, and help you make the best decision for your business is extremely valuable. We consistently receive feedback from our clients about how much they value our partnership-based approach. It’s a core aspect of how we work. 


Life is like a box of chocolates

In business, you don’t always know what you’re going to get. But with Fremont Bank, you do. Our goals are aligned. When you win, we win. Community banks are motivated to support local businesses, enhance job growth and increase local prosperity, because when there’s more money in the neighborhood, we all do better.



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