It Might Be Over Now But We Feel It Still

We didn't kick it like it's 1986. But in August of 2019 we definitely put the "community" in Community Banking. 

It was a hot August day. I mean hot. The kind of heat that feels like you're opening an oven when you step outside. Heat that melts the ice cream which dries into a sticky mess all over the kids who start to cry and all you can think about is the deep freeze of movie theater air conditioning. 

Heat that makes you cancel your plans. 

And yet, on this incredibly hot day, over 700 (seven hundred) of our clients and their families showed up for an event at the Oakland Zoo to relax and mingle with their folks from Fremont Bank. Think about that: 700 people, scorching heat, at the zoo, hanging out with their bankers! 

This was the biennial event we host in celebration of our Premier clients. We designed our Premier program to meet a wide range of banking needs but to also offer interesting experiences and direct access to some of the most forward-thinking financial professionals

Take a look:


Most people don’t think of their bank as an experience curator or community builder. They don’t anticipate networking opportunities alongside premium banking services. Fremont Bank’s Premier Banking offers exactly that.

We pride ourselves on crafting unique events, like our exclusive (and very hot) evening at the Oakland Zoo, where we can get to know our clients even better and thank them for their partnership. 


Because we believe that every interaction is an opportunity to build a lifelong relationship. Even in this digital age of screens and self-service, there is no substitute for strong relationships, particularly when it comes to banking and personal finance. 

“It’s events like these that help us see our clients as not just clients, but as a part of the Fremont Bank Family.”

Abdul Taeb, Danville Brank Manager

If our approach sounds intriguing then find out if a Premier relationship is right for you by visiting our website or giving us a call at (800)359-BANK (2265). We would be delighted to have a Premier Banker reach out to you as soon as possible.
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