Be Aware: Possible Impact to Online Banking Due to Chrome 80 Browser Update

On February 4th, 2020 Google will be releasing Chrome 80. We are informing you of this because the beta version of the Chrome 80 update has been causing issues with some websites and we wanted to make sure you are aware in case your browser updates automatically or before you update the browser manually. Fremont Bank is working diligently to ensure that these problems will not disrupt your experience while using Online Banking but we are asking for your cooperation while we work through this. Some simple things you can do to ensure your continued usage of Online Banking are to:
  1. Please hold off on upgrading to Chrome 80 until we notify you that the browser has been certified
  2. Use a different browser like Firefox or Microsoft Edge
  3. Use the mobile banking applications for both Apple and Android devices

Should you choose to upgrade to Chrome 80 and access your online banking, your experience may very well be perfect, and we hope it is, but just in case you do experience any issues, one of the above suggestions should let you conduct your business with no disruptions as we work diligently to get the Chrome 80 browser certified.

We appreciate your patience during this upgrade and trust that we are working hard to ensure you are able to use your browser of choice to access Fremont Bank’s Online Banking. If you are still having difficulty with our Online Banking site please contact us at 800-359-BANK (2265) and we will be happy to help.
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