Top Workplace 2019: Vanessa Lowe

Fremont Bank is proud to announce that we have been named a Top Bay Area Workplace for the 9th consecutive year! We pride ourselves in creating a workplace that make our associates feel excited about the work they do. Vanessa Lowe plays a big part in creating a cheerful environment for everyone working here. Always ready to greet you with a smile, Vanessa makes every newcomer to the Fremont Bank family feel like they made the right choice.

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Vanessa: I am a talent acquisition business partner. I’ve been with Fremont Bank actually eight years- I started on a contract, so in 2011, I joined Fremont Bank as a contract associate, and then I was hired in 2012, so I’ve been here 7 years as an actual employee.

Question 1: What makes Fremont Bank stand out compared to other companies you have
worked for in the past?

Vanessa: Fremont Bank is not the only employer I’ve ever worked for; I have worked for several companies throughout the Bay Area. But I will have to say it is one of the best companies I’ve ever worked for. And I think what stands out the most for me is just the exposure to the executives, and there’s not one executive that’s not warm and open and willing to talk to you, regardless of what level you are, and- that family feel. I think that’s the other thing. It’s just such a great place to work. You work very hard, but the people you work with- it’s just really enjoyable.

Question 2: How does it make you feel to be a part of the Fremont Bank family?

Vanessa: So, I’m a recruiter. So I always think that if I can still convince people to join Fremont Bank, then its still a great place to work. If I’m struggling trying to say, “Hey, you need to come here”; the potential for growth and career development- if I felt that you couldn’t achieve that here, then I would struggle trying to recruit people.

Question 3: What is your favorite part about working here at Fremont Bank?

Vanessa: That’s kind of a hard question- let me think. I just think it’s the people. I think people really work hard and they’re very committed. I think that’s it- the people are my favorite part.

Question 4: What is one stand-out memory from your time at Fremont Bank?

Vanessa: Ok so first of all, I think- the interns. I really enjoy working with the interns because they’re the future. And so, just engaging with them and they’re all so bright and just have great ideas and they’re so energetic, so that’s really fun and enjoyable. Next- doing the New Hire Orientation, because that’s people’s first day joining Fremont Bank, and you want it to be a memorable experience, and you just want them to be excited about their decision to join our organization. But then, I will have to say, this happened maybe about two years ago, our co-chairman of the board, Mike Wallace, was at my fifth service award, and so the next year, I think it was 45 years with the organization, and he invited everybody that was in attendance- including all of the people that had service awards the following year, so it was like this big celebration and I just thought that was so cool of the co-chairman to invite all of us back and celebrate his milestone.

Question 5:  How has Fremont Bank allowed you to succeed in your career?

Vanessa: Well, I have chosen to be in recruitment, so for me- well, I had been in management before, but I didn’t want- this probably sounds bad- but I didn’t want to be in management, I didn’t want to manage anyone else because I did that for several years. So coming here and being an individual contributor was my goal, my desire. I’m doing exactly what I want to do at this point in my career.

Question 6: Do you feel like you have a voice at Fremont Bank?

Vanessa: I always encourage people to go to the town hall meetings because you hear firsthand what our executives are talking about, and there’s not one situation where I have felt uncomfortable sharing what my thoughts are or my ideas or how we can make Fremont Bank better. So that, to me, is again attributed to the executives that run the company. And the family, of course.

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