Intermittent Debit Card Outages

Yesterday afternoon, some of our clients experienced intermittent issues while trying to use their Fremont Bank debit card, leading to the inability to complete purchases or ATM transactions.  While this did not impact all clients, we are providing additional information regarding the situation.

Late yesterday, we became aware that some of our clients were unable to use their debit card.  We made this our top priority and identified the source of the problem as our card processing vendor, who was experiencing intermittent service outages.  This resulted in debit card transactions being rejected for some, but not all, of our clients.  We worked with our vendor through the evening, and received confirmation that full functionality had been restored.

We recognize that providing easy access to funds, and safeguarding personal information, are amongst our most critical obligations.  In this case, the ability to access accounts was disrupted for some clients, but card information was not compromised.  All cards should now be fully functional, and can be used as normal. 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at 800-359-2265.


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